Founder and co-owner of beGuru. Obsessed with productivity. Really obsessed.

Bas has helped countless organisations to get done more. In less time. And with less stress.

The best part of his job according to Bas? To be able to get to know an organisation. See what works and what can be improved. And then work with the client to tackle the biggest obstacles and create the best solution for them.

Bas is curious by nature. The experiences built up in the past decade and a half brings a lot of topics. He regularly speaks and writes about productivity.

All of his articles are about productivity, are written with respect to all involved, factually correct and – if possible – with a hint of humor. And that is the way it should be done – at least – if you ask him.

Most recent blogs

Boekcover The Power of Habit van Charles Duhigg

Book: “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

Most books in our overview are about productivity and methods that you can make more productive. “The Power of Habit” is more about your head: why do you do what you do? And why do you do that that way? The book explains to you how we put people together and what we can do to change our behavior.

Staande boekcover Getting Results the Agile Way v

Book: “Getting Results the Agile Way” by J.D. Meier

If you are looking for practical insights and useful tips to be able to book more results, then you should consider this book. In “Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life”, author JD Meier explains the system or framework devised by him in easy to understand language.

Boekcover The Producvity Project van Chris Bailey

Book: “The Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey

Before I started I did not know how good ‘The Productivity Project’ would be but I am positively surprised. The book is packed with useful insights and applicable tips. If you are looking for a book with – where necessary – a piece of theory with useful tips, this book could be your tip!

Getting Things Done Boekrecensie

Book: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

“Getting Things Done” (GTD) is a globally known and recognized method to become more productive. Who can explain the GTD method better than the inventor himself? David Allen takes you through all facets of GTD. After reading Getting Things Done you have all the ingredients to improve your productivity yourself.

Boekcover Ready for Anything van David Allen

Book: “Ready for Anything” by David Allen

‘Ready for Anything’ is a compact book that is easy to read. The content covers just about every ingredient that has an effect on productivity. If you are new to productivity, this is one of the easiest and complete books to start with.


Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s law is about the effect that work takes as long as you have available. The ‘law’ actually describes different effects. In this article we will discuss the productivity side of Parkinsons law.

What most succesful people do before breakfast boekcover voorkant
Productivity books

Book: “What most Successful People do before Breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam

In “What most Successful People do before Breakfast”, Laura Vanderkam describes various similarities that she believes most successful people have. Although I think it is true that you are fresh and powerful in the morning, I found a large part of the book especially interesting for people who are busy. Very busy. Personally i found the book to lack depth and practical tips.


7 tips to efficiently work online in 2018

How do you ensure that you can work online in a way that is optimal to ou? What should you pay attention to? After reading this article you can take yourself and your company to the cloud. You also have read a number of tips that let you lead the way with efficient online work.

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